Tőzsér József

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Tőzsér started to play the piano at the age of seven, and completed a six-year classical piano study at „Emil Simonffy” Music School in Debrecen, Hungary. At the same time he also studied at „Júlia Bányai” Elementary and Secondary School specializing on music. With the choir of the school he performed in many places, including the Béla Bartók International Choir Competitions, and the studios of the national radio of Hungary. With his fellow schoolmates he co-founded his first rock group "Spectrum" as a first-year student of Árpád Tóth Secondary Grammar School in Debrecen and it was at that time that he started to compose music. With "Spectum", and the later formed "FM77" he performed occasionally as a start-up group for well-known local rock groups such as "Lux" and "Color". He continued to play music during his compulsory one-year military service in Cegléd. Later, as a university student he was first the keyboardist of "Laser", than that of "Android" that he co-founded in 1980, and also became the composer and lyrics writer of the group. In 1982 he composed a mini-rock opera based on the book “The Good Soldier Schweik” written by Jaroslav Hasek, and its performance at the Auditorium Maximum of the University with the actors of an amateur company (KPVDSZ Debrecen) was a great success. The "Android" group finally dissolved by fusion, they created the  group “1001” with the members of "CÉG", another music group in Debrecen. After a name change the group later became well-known nationwide as "Camera 06". Tőzsér played in this formations until 1987. After a longer break, due to his job abroad, he became the keyboardist of "Tűzlabda" (Fireball), where he played again together with Mező Orbán (the first drummer of Android) as well as with Lámer Emil (ex-Color), Makranczi Béla and Dobó Gyula (Lux). They played songs mainly from  Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. He established the synthesizer group "Ulixes" in 2001 with Hegedűs Sándor. With Ulixes he is still performing regularly and they play songs from famous composers (Vangelis, Jean Michelle Jarre) as well as their own pieces.

Gear: Korg M3-73, Korg Prophecy, Roland Juno Stage, Moog Little Phatty, Korg Kronos 73

(E-Mu Vintage Key, Roland U20, Roland A30 midi keyboard, M-AUDIO keystation midi controller)



About us

ANDROID is a progressive rock (neo-prog) band. Currently we are performing live as a quartet, often with quest musicians, playing songs from our four CDs we have published so far.  The band was originally established in 1980, but after a longer break, we are continuously playing since 2008. Our music combines elements of progressive and classic rock, folk music and even classical music.