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        Android was established around the Fall of 1980, at Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Sciences in Debrecen (KLTE, currently University of Debrecen), Hungary. Founding members: Dudás János  lead guitar (math student), Székelyhídi László bass quitar (lecturer of the University) , Tőzsér József and Milesz Sándor keyboards (chemistry students), as well as Mező Orbán, drums. The group had the chance to practice at the Sándor Tóthfalusi student dormitory of the KLTE.

  The group played symphonic rock, long instrumental pieces, like Apocrif, XVIth Century, Waves of Desire. Furthermore, many songs with lyrics were inspired by literary experiences, like Pharaoh (based on Boleslav Proust: Pharaoh), Midnight Ball (based on Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita), Judas (based on Robert Graves: King Jesus).

        The core of the music was composed (except the Waves of Desire, a song created by Dudás) and the lyrics were written by Tőzsér, while the final orchestration was made as a joint effort of the group.
         In 1982 Tőzsér wrote music and lyrics for a mini-rock opera based on the book The Good Soldier Schweik written by Jaroslav Hasek (directed by István Magi), and its performance at the Auditorium Maximum of the University, with the actors of an amateur company (KPVDSZ Debrecen), was a great success.
         The group performed several times in the Aud. Max. of KLTE, at University Days, and on various other occasions. On march 15th, 1983 the group performed in front of the Main Church of the City, an unusual place for concerts at that time.
        During its existence, the group worked with various singers, including Bodnár Attila, who later became well-known with a completely different style of music, as the member of the Modern Hungaria (with Miklós Fenyő), as well as the partner of Papp Rita.

        The Android group finally dissolved by fusion: Dudás, Tőzsér and Pataji Géza who previously replaced Mező at the drums created the group “1001” with the members of CÉG, another music group in Debrecen. After a name change the group later became well-known nationwide as Camera 06.
          Some members of Android have been continuously performing in various formations. Some of these: Tűzlabda (Dudás, Mező, Tőzsér), Ulixes (Tőzsér), Debrecen Jazz Band (Pataji), Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band (Pataji, Mező), Hangfogó, Sütő Band (Dudás), Ölveti Blues Band, Katvanhoe (Mező).
         Tőzsér produced a 50-minute long synthesizer music set in 1994-95 that, besides two old ones (Apokrif, XVIth Century), contained new instrumental songs. With the guitar play of Dudás, the music album (East of Eden) was released in 1996 on cassettes. The group reunited, and in its 15th birthday (December 7th, 1995) the Dudás-Mező-Székelyhidi-Tőzsér quartett gave a very successful concert in the Tóthfalusi dormitory, at the very same place where its first performance happened. In 1996 the Dudás-Mező-Tőzsér trio, with the help of drummer Pataji gave a couple of live performances.

  In 2008 the group reunited again, the founding member Milesz joinded the team, while Székelyhidi was replaced by Sándor Pocsai as bass guitarist, a former fellow chemistry student of Milesz and Tőzsér. The group debuted very successfully at the Budapest Papp László Sports Arena in September of 2008 in front of about 6000 people, at a private company gathering. In 2009 the “East of Eden” album is released in a completely re-orchestrated form on CD.

        The music of Android is rather unique, it combines the classic progressive rock with New age, jazz, and folkloric song motifs. It is predominantly for those who have grown up on the music of SBB, Fermata, Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP, Mike Oldfield, Tomita and Kitaro and who like complex rock music.




About us

ANDROID is a progressive rock (neo-prog) band. Currently we are performing live as a quartet, often with quest musicians, playing songs from our four CDs we have published so far.  The band was originally established in 1980, but after a longer break, we are continuously playing since 2008. Our music combines elements of progressive and classic rock, folk music and even classical music.