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IMPACT Project (IP) was established in 2016 by Szilvássy Zoltán (violin, drums) and Tőzsér József (keyboards). Both founders are coming from academic fields, they are university professors. The main goal of IP is to provide modern interpretation of classic rock songs. Members of the Android/Tűzlabda groups are also participating in IP: Dudás János (guitars, vocals), Nikolin Zoltán (bass guitar, vocals), Mező Orbán (drums, percussions), Makranczi Béla (vocals), but they also plan to regularly invite guest musicians, too.




About us

ANDROID is a progressive rock (neo-prog) band. Currently we are performing live as a quartet, often with quest musicians, playing songs from our four CDs we have published so far.  The band was originally established in 1980, but after a longer break, we are continuously playing since 2008. Our music combines elements of progressive and classic rock, folk music and even classical music.