Mező Orbán

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Mező started to play music at a very youg age as he grew up in a family of musicians. At the age of 12 he already performed on stage as drummer. He learned to read notes and to play drums at music shcool. Till 1979 he played in a variety of pop- and entertaining music formations. He joined Androud in 1980 as a founding member, and this move also changed his musical taste. Later he was the drummer of "Ölveti Blues Band", performing on two LP-s. Mező was also the founder of "Diktátor" and leader of "Tűzlabda" for about 10 years, playing together with TőzsérLámer Emil (Color), Makranci Béla, Tikász Sándor (Lux, Astor), Kalmár Géza (Tunyogi Band). Some other bands in which he was a drummer: "Week End", "T-Boys", "Morged", "Omen", "Darling", "Debreceni Blues Társaság", "Dr.Walter", "Chaos", "No Job", "Grund". Until now he played together with more than 300 musicians in various formations. He is frequently asked to performe as percussionist in "ad-hoc" formations. His current bands: "Android", "Katvanhoe", "Jazz Five",  "The Breeze", "Corporation"

Insturments: Yamaha DTExtreme-III electric drum set, Gustavito acustic drums, Paiste cymbals



About us

ANDROID is a progressive rock (neo-prog) band. Currently we are performing live as a quartet, often with quest musicians, playing songs from our four CDs we have published so far.  The band was originally established in 1980, but after a longer break, we are continuously playing since 2008. Our music combines elements of progressive and classic rock, folk music and even classical music.