Létmányi István

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István Létmányi started his music carrier at the Centrál Group (Lajos Kiss, Imre Tóth, Ferenc Családi, György Bessenyei, András Czifrák) when he was about to finish his high scool studies. Then he joined Lux, and with this group he participated with great success in almost all festivals organized for nonprofessional pop rock groups. Afterwards he became a professional musician, playing in bars, hotels. He enjoys playing a great variety of music (except rap and rakish music). He regularly performs on bass guitar in the music group of Kaba Summer Theater, and also participates in termporary music projects. The peculiar music world of ANDROID provides him ney challenges and joy. 



About us

ANDROID is a progressive rock (neo-prog) band. Currently we are performing live as a quartet, often with quest musicians, playing songs from our four CDs we have published so far.  The band was originally established in 1980, but after a longer break, we are continuously playing since 2008. Our music combines elements of progressive and classic rock, folk music and even classical music.